The Best Benefits Of Franchising

One of the best benefits of owning a franchise is building a business with the backing of a proven brand. Creating a new company can take a lot of time and expense with no sure path to success. You can run into the frustration of learning what works from trial and error. You have to spend marketing dollars establishing a new name and you can rarely afford the customer lead program you need.

Be Your Own Boss

Some people are fine with a typical 9 to 5 job, but you want something more. You’re a true entrepreneur. For you, the most important benefits of franchising are probably the freedom and pride of owning your own business. With owning a franchise, you are able to be the boss of your time. You’ll be able to create a more flexible schedule, have a more satisfying work life balance, lead a team, and grow your business by following our proven business model to help you succeed as a small business owner in your local community.

The Backing Of A National Brand

Running your own franchise is still hard work, but one of the benefits of franchising is being part of a national brand. The competitive edge of national name brand recognition can make getting and keeping business easier. Potential customers have already heard of and trust you to perform the service you advertise. Plus, with a national franchise brand like PremierGarage, you have access to our buying power, trusted vendor partnerships, and more.

Lower Startup Costs

Starting your own business by yourself can require a very large investment. In addition to products and services, you’ll need a budget for software, marketing and other business support services. Depending on your business you may need to lease or purchase a space. One of the main benefits of franchising is that you can often own a business at much lower startup costs. Many also allow you to work from home, so you avoid business-related real estate costs altogether. In addition, a national franchise like PremierGarage offers in-house financing and other options for funding your dream so you may not have to rely on a SBA loan.  

Proven Business Model

One of the biggest advantages of buying a franchise is that you get a proven business model. All the kinks of running your new business have already been worked out. As a PremierGarage franchise owner, you’ll get your own protected territory, network with fellow franchise owners, and have access to the right software and operating systems. Plus, you benefit from the expertise of industry leaders who understand how to make your business succeed. You’re ready to hit the ground running from Day One.

Training, Business & Marketing Support

When you own a franchise, the national brand is invested in your success. As a PremierGarage franchise owner, we make sure you get initial and ongoing training opportunities to help launch and grow your business. You’ll have access to expert mentors and advisors who understand what works and what doesn’t. You will also benefit from national marketing efforts and local marketing support and lead generating programs, as well as a custom franchisee website.

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